Left Handed USB-PS/2 Keyboard

For more info, see the Detailed Specification Page

If you are a left handed individual and need a left handed keyboard for this reason, this keyboard is a good option. It features a standard layout with navigation keys (i.e. arrow keys, Page Up, Page Down, etc.) and numeric keypad on the left side of the keyboard. This keyboard features Cherry blue mechanical keyswitches; these are audible tactile keyswitches (i.e. you feel and hear a click as you depress the key, and there is a clack when you 'bottom out' at the end of the keystroke). 

Many people who are looking for a left handed keyboard prefer to purchase a compact keyboard and discrete numeric keypad, and position the keypad to the left of the keyboard (thus creating a left handed keyboard, but having the ability to move the keypad away when not needed). A good option for this would be the Kinesis Freestyle Solo keyboard and Kinesis Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad.

Model Price In Stock?
Left Handed USB-PS/2 Keyboard $125.00
Left Handed PS/2 Keyboard, Non-mirrored, PS/2 Interface Only DISCONTINUED. NO 30 DAY CSG OR WARRANTY $75.00