Evoluent Mouse Friendly Compact Keyboard

For more information, see the Detailed Specification Page.

This keyboard is 'mouse-friendly' for right handed individuals as they can put the mouse where the numeric keypad would normally be, and still have access to the keypad with their left hand when needed. The compact layout allows this keyboard to be used in situations where conventional left handed keyboards will not fit. This is the only compact keyboard with a numeric keypad on the left side. 

If you are looking for a left handed keyboard, a superior solution is to purchase a compact keyboard and discrete numeric keypad, and position the keypad to the left of the keyboard (thus creating a left handed keyboard, but having the ability to move the keypad away when not needed). A good option for this would be the Kinesis Freestyle Solo Separated Keyboard.

Model Price In Stock?
Evoluent Mouse Friendly Compact Keyboard $70.00