Scissor-Switch Compact Keyboard

For more info, see the Detailed Specification Page. 

The Scissor-Switch Compact Keyboard provides full size alpha numeric keys, including the arrow keys. However most of the remaining keys are smaller than standard (i.e. Tab, Shift, Insert, Delete, ESC, F1-F12, etc.). The reduced key travel scissors keycap architecture (3.0 mm) is similar to that found in laptops, and is employed in this keyboard to facilitate its portability. As is typical for scissor-switch keyboards, the keycap tops are flat (no contour) which for many touch typists results in reduced keying accuracy. The housing has a built-in positive profile in spite of its flat appearance (i.e. the keyboard is higher at the Function Row than the Space Bar) and is 0.71" (1.8 cm) at the highest point. 

The ASK-3001H has an embedded numeric keypad and comes with a 2 port USB 2.0 hub. 


The ASK-3001H is not compatible with most standard standalone numeric keypads as the NumLock key is used by the embedded numeric keypad. As a result, when using the NumLock key to access numbers on the keypad, the embedded numeric keypad on the keyboard will also be activated (losing access to the letters). Keypads which will work with this keyboard are the Goldtouch Numeric Keypad (GTC-0033), the Kinesis Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad (AC210USB-BLK), and most PI Engineering XKeys keypads.

Model Price In Stock?
Scissor-Switch Compact Keyboard $60.00
This product is identical to the ASK-3001H listed above. The part number has changed. $60.00