Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard

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A 'full-size' compact keyboard? Yes, odd as it sounds, this is the first compact keyboard which features full-size keycaps and standard 19.05 mm key pitch (the space between the keys) identical to what you would find on any conventional keyboard. The Evoluent Essentials Keyboard is, essentially a conventional keyboard with the numeric keypad removed and the navigation keys populating a single column on the right side of the keyboard. It features an ultra-thin neutral profile and uses high quality crisp low-travel scissor-switch membrane keyswitches. Tactile raised bumps (both dots and ridges) on a variety of keycaps beyond the traditional 'F' and 'J' provide significant tactile feedback to the fingertips improving positional feedback and keying accuracy. The Evoluent Essentials keyboard also includes 12 hot keys (including Cut, Copy, Paste and multimedia functions) and is plug and play. 

NOTE: This compact keyboard does not have an embedded number pad. It also has no SCROLL LOCK or PAUSE/BREAK key. 

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Evoluent Essentials Full Featured Compact Keyboard, Black $82.50