Super Compact Mini Keyboard with Touchpad

For more info, see the Detailed Specification Page

This is the smallest keyboard available on the market today, having keycaps 0.61" in width. This means the keycaps are around 75% of the normal size, making it almost impossible for an adult to use effectively as their fingers cannot easily hit a single keyswitch. 

The 77 key layout includes an embedded numeric keypad to offer full 104 key functionality (there are navigation keys in the embedded numeric keypad which are not legended - hold down the FN key to access them.) The key travel distance is shorter than normal, and a scissor-switch mechanism adds to the smoothness and stability of the membrane keyswitches. The Shift, Enter, Space Bar, Caps Lock, Tab, and all bottom and top row keys are significantly smaller than on a standard keyboard. The touchpad has left and right mouse buttons and scrolling feature, and is smaller than a standard touchpad (such as that found in the SK540 keyboard). 

Note: This keyboard will not work properly if connected to a switching device, adapter, or docking station. It must be connected directly to the computer.

Model Price In Stock?
Super Compact Mini Keyboard with Touchpad, USB model $75.00