Freestyle2 Keypad for PC

For more information, see the Detailed Specification page.

The new Kinesis Freestyle2 Keypad for PC is a convenient and ergonomic accessory for number crunchers who regularly need to perform arithmetic or other 10-key intensive input in an ergonomic manner. This new keypad seamlessly matches the low-profile design of the Freestyle2 keyboard and features the same proven low-force, quiet and tactile membrane key switches. By comparison, the Kinesis Low Force Tactile Numeric keypad is larger in all dimensions and uses a low-force tactile mechanical key switch with a longer operating life. 

A 2-port USB 2.0 hub allows easy and convenient connection of peripherals such as a keyboard and mouse. Useful keys while performing numeric input of Tab and Backspace are included in the layout, and embedded actions to access Cut, Copy and Paste are also included. This product is an excellent, cost-effective means to add a high-quality external numeric keypad to your workstation.


The Freestyle2 Keypad is not compatible with a very small set of keyboards with embedded numeric keypads which are toggled on and off using the NumLock key (such as KeyOvation Goldtouch keyboards). Note: Most keyboards (including the Freestyle2) use an 'FN' key to activate the embedded numeric keypad, and as such the keypad works with the vast majority of keyboards presently on the market, except as noted above. 

An alternative keypad which will work with this subset of keyboards is the Low Force Tactile Numeric Keypad, AC210USB-BLK.

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Freestyle2 Keypad for PC, USB, Black $65.00