RollerMouse Free2 Detailed Specification


Product Summary

The RollerMouse Free2 by Contour Design is a central pointing device which uses a rollerbar instead of a traditional mouse and is positioned between the user and their keyboard or laptop. This allows the user to perform all mousing activity in the area immediately 'below' their keyboard, eliminating the need to reach for a mouse. As the 9.75" bar can move along the entire 15" width of the device, either hand can be used as desired. This allows the user to vary the method of input while keeping both hands within a small work area, eliminating large reaching motions. 

The cursor is moved by rolling a 'dowel' or cylindrical control bar with your fingertips to achieve 'up' and 'down' movement, and sliding this bar from side to side for horizontal movement. Once the desired location is achieved, the user can generate a left click by pressing down on the bar (the force required for this is adjustable from ultra-light touch to highly tactile). Seven buttons and a scroll wheel are located below the bar to generate left/middle/right/double clicks, copy, paste and vertical scrolling. There is also a DPI adjustment button to toggle from 800 to 1600 dpi to allow the user to select their preferred cursor speed. 

The Free2 comes with detachable keyboard 'risers' to lift up thinner keyboards to an appropriate height (3 height settings), ensuring a custom fit for every user. The included low profile palm supports are easily removed. 


Ergonomic Benefits

Eliminates Overreaching for a Traditional Mouse, Relieving Neck, Shoulder and Elbow Pain - Conventional keyboards will result in overreaching for the mouse as the user is forced to reach over the arrow keys and numeric keypad to get to the mouse. This can lead to neck, shoulder and elbow pain and discomfort. Asymmetrical reaching with one side of your body and not the other causes your muscle groups to compensate for the weight of your extended arm while reaching for a traditional mouse. Repetitive overreaching will often lead to tightness and pain in the neck, shoulder and elbow areas. The RollerMouse Free2 allows you to keep your elbows comfortably by your side, which is a more beneficial ergonomic position.

Prevents Static Grip of the Mouse - The RollerMouse Free2 is controlled with an open relaxed hand and slightly curled fingers use of an unflexed hand, with no possibility of clutching or holding the device to effect cursor control. Fingertips roll The narrow rollerbar both up and down and from side to side simultaneously to navigate the cursor over the entire screen, with very little friction or resistance. The elimination of flexing your fingers to grip the mouse avoids compression through the carpal tunnel.

Ambidextrous Cursor Control - By centrally locating the mouse buttons beneath the keyboard home keys, mouse control is equidistant from either hand. Ambidextrous use is encouraged and easily accomplished, to an even greater degree than with the older RollerMouse Pro2, as the rollerbar of the Free2 is substantially longer.

Click with Any Finger - Use any finger to click on the rollerbar, unlike most mice which can lead to trigger finger as only the index finger is able to generate left clicks.

'One Touch' Access to High Frequency Actions - Dedicated buttons for Copy, Paste, and Double Click.


  • 'Rollerbar': The RollerMouse Free2's unique feature is the 'rollerbar', a cylindrical trackball with an optical sensor of 800 to 1600 dpi. The rollerbar works by rolling the bar to move the cursor up and down on the screen. To move the cursor left or right, simply slide the rollerbar side to side.
  • End Detection: In order that cursor movement remain centered throughout usage, there is an end detection mechanism that shifts the cursor to the left or right side of the screen when the rollerbar can no longer be moved any further left or right. There is a very slight 'click' feel as the end limit of the range of the rollerbar is reached, triggering end detection. On the Free2, the rollerbar is fully exposed and longer than on the Pro2 at 9.75".
  • Bar Click Tension Adjustments: A slider on the bottom will adjust the tension of Rollerbar click force. This feature can be helpful for individuals who find that they often accidentally click on the bar while typing.
  • Palm Supports: The RollerMouse Free2 also comes with removable leatherette palm supports that relieve stress on the wrists while typing and using the rollerbar. These supports can be removed for cleaning, or when not needed.
  • Easy to Use Keyboard “Lifters” : Ultra-slim keyboards are becoming increasing popular, so Contour Design has included two keyboard lifters that allow one to change the height and angle of the keyboard. There are three heights to choose from: low (flat), high (flat), and sloping down and away from the user (negative slope).
  • Plug and Play Connectivity for both PC and Mac Computers: HID compliant device has the drivers “on board” and simply needs to be plugged into any empty USB port, without the need for a cumbersome connection routine.
  • Seven Button Functions : There are two easy options to perform a “left click.” Either push down on the navigation bar itself, or click on the large left button in the button control area. Other button functions include a traditional “right click” button, a single touch “double click” button, a scroll wheel, a scroll lock , “one touch” copy and “one touch” paste.
  • Cursor Speed Selection: The RollerMouse Free2 has 5 different cursor speed settings selected by a control button with five indicator lights. The dpi increments are each 200 dpi: 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, and 1600.
  • Slim and Compact: The Free2 is the slimmest and lowest RollerMouse model available at only 3/4" (19.5 mm) in height and 17 5/8" wide (44.7 cm) with the Palm Supports attached.
  • Programmable Driver: Although the RollerMouse Free2 works plug and play, you can reprogram the buttons if the standard ones do not meet your needs by downloading the programmable driver from the Contour Design website.


  • Width: Without pads: 16.0" (40.7 cm), With pads: 17.625" (44.7 cm)
  • Depth (front to back): Without pads: 3.5" (8.9 cm), With pads: 4.5" (11.4 cm)
  • Height: Without pads: 0.75" (1.95 cm), With pads: 1.25" (3.2 cm)
  • Rollerbar Width: 9.75" (24.8 cm)
  • Rollerbar Clickable: Yes
  • Adjustable Click Force: Yes
  • Optical Resolution: 800, 1000, 1200, 1400, 1600 dpi
  • Number of Buttons: 7 (including scroll wheel and rollerbar)
  • Clickable Scroll Wheel: Yes
  • Removable Palm Supports: Yes
  • RollerWave2 Accessory: No
  • Compatibility: Strictly plug and play for all OSes listed:
  • PC: All Windows OSes
  • Mac: Mac OS X
  • Interface: USB
  • Programmable Driver: Downloadable driver available for Windows XP, Vista, and 7 (32 & 64 bit versions), Mac OS X (OSX 10.4 or newer)
  • Warranty: 2 years