Freedom Chair


1)     Automatic Headrest 

Freedom's dynamic, position sensitive headrest adjusts to cradle your head and neck as your recline, and moves out of the way when you sit upright automatically. 

2)     Recline Action
As you recline, you'll maintain a near consistent eye level, while the angle between your torso and legs opens up for better body function.  
3)     Contoured Cushions
The cushions are sculpted to closely follow body contours, which increase contact and decreases concentrated loads. Our optional Technogel® seat cushion maximizes weight distribution and comfort.

 4)     Responsive Backrest
The pivoting backrest automatically adapts to the changing needs of your spine during recline.
5)     Synchronous Armrests
Freedom's body-friendly gel armrests move up and down together and stay with you during recline, always keeping you in supported balance.
6)     Body Fit
The seat, backrest and headrest may be independently positioned to fit your exact body size.
7)     Intelligent Mechanism
With Freedom's revolutionary counter-balance mechanism, your weight automatically balances the force required to recline the chair.  So whether you're big or small, short or tall, the recline tension is always perfectly adjusted to let you move while keeping you fully supported in all position.


Code Description Measurement

a- Seat Depth
 (from face of lumbar to front of seat) 16.25"– 18.5"


b- Seat Height (floor to compressed front center of seat cushion)

 16"– 21" standard
 15.25"– 19" low cylinder
 17"– 22.25" tall cylinder
 20.5"– 28.5" high cylinder chair

c- Seat Width 21"


d- Backrest Height
  -Adjustment Range 18"
  -3" in 0.25" increments

e- Chair Width 27.25"


f- Armrest Height
   Adjustment Range 5" - 11"
   6" in 0.33" increments

g- Armrest Length
   13" standard
   14.25" advanced


h- Distance between Armrests
   (front inside edge)
   20" standard
   11.5" - 21.5" advanced


i- Height
   (no headrest)
   33.5" - 41.5" standard
   32.75" - 39.5" low cylinder
   34.5" - 42.75" tall cylinder
   38" - 49" high cylinder


j- Height
   (with headrest)
   43" - 53" standard
   42.25" - 51" low cylinder
   44" - 54.25" tall cylinder
   47.5" - 60.5" high cylinder


k- Headrest Height Adjustment Range 5"


l- Base Diameter 25"


M- Foot Ring Diameter 18" or 21"

N- Foot Ring Height Adjustment (from floor) 6" - 11"

O- Backrest Width 21"

Scope of Users

Standard chair fits more than 95% of the office population

5’0” Woman to 6'4' Man

100 to 300 pounds
Users outside the standard range can be accommodated by:

Low or Tall Cylinder

Advanced Armrests

39 pounds.
Backrest Recline
22° recline plus 7° backrest tilt
Reference Angle betwen Seat and Back
100° to 129°
Advanced Task Armrests
Horizontal angle change from elbow pivot point

35° each armrest

Lockable in 5° increments

Headrest Radial Motion (automatic motion during recline) 30°
Lumbar Support Increase in Recline 1"
Warranty Information
15 Years, 24/7 Warranty
Fabric/Cushions/Arm Pads:  5 Years, Single-Shift Warranty
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