About Us

Smart Ergonomic Solutions(SES) is subsidiary of Smart Printing Solutions Inc.(SPS)

SPS was founded in 2008. Its primary target was selling printers, printer service and supplies to government and private business. It has successfully been awarded and maintains several equipment and supplies Standing Offers(SA’s) since inception. This includes SPS’s own toner Supply Arrangement.

In 2010, SPS entered the ergonomics business adding Smart Ergonomic Solutions to it’s offerings. It offers everything from ergonomic assessment services to a one stop shop for all equipment suggested by the ergonomist. It’s claim to fame is the 1 week free trial on ALL equipment from the mouse to the chair. This trial includes delivery, installation and training. A must in this industry.

Today we’re proud to report that SPS and SES has added several professionals from the industry and that all sectors of the business model are growing at a healthy rate. We look forward to what the future holds.


Smart Ergonomic Solutions Inc.

27-5470 Canotek Rd

Ottawa, Ontario

Phone: 613-234-7570

Fax: 613-234-7513